A Day in Series: Fulda!

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After discovering Frankfurt and if you have time left, the best thing to do is to discover a small city! Fulda, only an hour away from Frankfurt, is a small cute city with it's simple feeling between the Rhön and Vogelsberg mountains! You can reach the city with a bus or train and continue on foot to discover the city center.

The architecture of Fulda is pretty simple if you compare it to the other German cities which has been under the Baroque architecture era. But still, you can find the Baroque touches into the historical buildings in Fulda. So after leaving the train station, go straight about 500 meter, turn right and you will see the Stadtschloss or the Residence of Fulda! This palace was built between 1708 and 1714. Inside the Stadtschloss, you can find a porcelain collection and if you want to have a look at Fulda's amazing view, you should visit the palace's tower. Don't miss the extensive garden of the palace and the large fountain too! And also if you want to stay a night in Fulda, you should definitely stay in Maritim Hotel inside of the palace!

The second stop should be the Fulda Cathedral! The cathedral was built around 1700s and it is counted as a birthplace of Catholic Christianity in Central Europe! Not just the outside, also the inside is so pretty!

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Alara Benlier

Alara Benlier

My name is Alara Benlier, I am Turkish but currently living in Germany! I share my experiences in Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands!

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