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We are still in western Croatia. Still exploring the mountain Velebit. After Paklenica National Park now we are going a bit to the north to Northern Velebit National park. Located in Lika-Senj County and approx. 100 km2 big, this nature park has become national park in 1999. What this park makes different from others is his geomorphological structure and number of caves as well as amazing bicycle excursions (33–75km long trails) and interpretative panels where you can learn more about this region, national park and its fauna and flora.

Like in Paklenica National Park here, in Norther Velebit, one can enjoy hiking. Your hiking will be even more interesting after climbing to the top and have a perfect view as a gift. Getting to some of the peaks of Velebit while hiking you can enjoy watching amazing Croatian islands – the closest ones are Rab, Goli and Cres, Krk and Pag are also visible if the day is clear. Amazing view on Kvaner islands from one of the peaks in Northern Velebit is in the next photo:

What will make hiking even more special are interpretative panels. Those interesting panels are written in Croatian and English and you can read about flora and fauna and learn more about some historical and cultural facts. With photos and trail maps those panels are very nice framed and very well fitted in stone environment. Stoney peaks are very specific natural wonders here. You can see them in many shapes, some of them are unapproachable but beautiful to take photo, of course. Northern Velebit is home for many caves as well; among all those caves the deepest one is Lukina jama cave which is the deepest in Croatia – 1431 m, and the 14th deepest cave in the world. Definitely big challenge for speleologists.

Additional information: Price list of tickets can be found on the park’s official webpage. Tickets are available for groups as well as for individuals. Also is possible to organize an education programs here where you can learn more about geology, history of this region and habitat. Village Krasno is the place where you should head to when choosing to come here by car. It’s easily approachable by the motorway.

Northern Velebit National Park
Northern Velebit National Park
Northern Velebit National Park, Krasno 96, 53274, Krasno Polje, Croatia

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