Hiking the Bosnian Himalayas

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If conquering high peaks is your thing and if you are looking for a destination off the beaten path in Europe, Prenj Mountain in Bosnia & Herzegovina is just a perfect pick. Not only that this is the most beautiful and most impressive mountain in the region of Dinaric Alps, but also the cruellest one, and therefore nicknamed the Bosnian/Herzegovinian Himalayas. So, all the ingredients are there to feel the excitement and to expect nothing by unforgettable experience while exploring fully untouched nature.

Prenj mountain is situated in the heart of the Dinaric Alps, in northern Herzegovina, 30 km from the city of Mostar. For locals, Prenj is not only a mountain, but also the kingdom of a divine mountainous beauty (as they call it). In its relief dominate alp-like forms, such as sharp peaks, dangerous ridges and splendid valleys.

On Prenj there are 11 peaks over 2000 m, with Zelena Glava (2155 m) being the highest one. One of those peaks, the Windy Peak, is one of Europe’s last virgin 2000 m peaks, as it was conquered for the first time only in 2003.

Besides rich mountaineering history, this mountain is a home of many endemic species, such as endemic White-bark Pine Munika tree. With its rich oxygen area, this mountain is highly recommended as ‘nature therapy’.

When you decide to conquer the highest peak of Prenj Mountain, you should better be in a good physical condition, because the hiking tour lasts about 6 hours (with short breaks). During this expedition, you will find the largest selection of mountaineering challenges.

This will be an epic hike with adventurous ascents and splendid karst panorama. As you climb towards the highest peak of Prenj, please take a moment to admire and enjoy the incredible landscapes of white snow and green juniper.

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