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"Lagidze Waters" - Legendary Georgian Lemonade

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Once upon a time, there was a man, who deeply believed in his dreams. This man never gave up on his idea; so as a result, he managed to create a unique natural lemonade. I talk about “Lagidze Waters”. Today his lemonade is very famous not only in Georgia but also in many other countries.

A great founder…

Mitrophane Lagidze was born in 1896 in a simple, small village of Kutaisi. Mitrophane was just 14 years old when he started working in a pharmacy in Kutaisi. However, he did not intend to be a pharmacist for the rest of his life. Mitrophane has always dreamed of something far more, so that was a time when the history of famous Georgian lemonade has begun. He was very determined to turn his idea into reality, so he kept exploring the production process of non-alcoholic drinks. He decided to use only natural fruits in his production process.

In 1887 he created a unique recipe for lemonade which is a secret even today. This lemonade became very popular in the whole Western Georgia from 1900, when Lagidze independently built a factory and started the production of natural lemonades.

Creating a brand…

Mitrophane wanted to create his own brand and to achieve more success in his favorite job. In 1902 he traveled to Germany and France, where he studied new technologies and mechanisms.

Right after Mitrophane started importing glass bottles from France, he also created a very inspirational label for his own brand. He ordered to paint his own mother on the label, wearing a traditional Georgian headdress. The following words that were written on the label were attracting many customers: “Demand it everywhere. It has the unique taste and smell.” You will believe in these words right after you taste Lagidze lemonade as it is really very tasty and has high quality.

Only 100% natural syrups (lemon, tarragon, pear) are used in Lagidze Lemonades and the sellers always say to customers that if they want to be beautiful and attractive they have to drink “Lagidze Waters.”

The first brand shop opened in Tbilisi in 1906. The shop was located on Rustaveli Avenue and it became the most admirable place for people.

The success of “Lagidze Waters”…

In 1952 “Lagidze Waters” became famous in the USA too and here is the story of USA president Harry Truman and Stalin: The president gifted 1000 bottles of Coca-Cola to Stalin. In response, Stalin decided to surprise the president by sending him sparking waters that would be better than Coca-Cola. “Lagidze Waters” impressed Americans that much that the president Harry Truman ordered to import the lagidze lemonade in the United States. We are proud of this story as we can serve our guests with the lemonade that has captured so many hearts of people including US president.

Mitrophane Lagidze died at the age of 91, but his lemonade never did. His descendants continue their family business.

In 2013 “Lagidze Waters” café was opened in the yard of Sameba Cathedral and it got the status of an intangible cultural heritage of Georgia. The story of the founder of this brand is a great example of unlimited possibilities of a person. Nothing is impossible and if you believe in yourself, you can leave your trace in this beautiful world!

Sameba church in Tbilisi
Sameba church in Tbilisi
Tbilissi, Géorgie
Freedom square in Tbilisi
Freedom square in Tbilisi
Tbilissi, Géorgie
Cafe "Lagidze Water"
Cafe "Lagidze Water"
Samreklo St, Tbilisi, Georgia

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