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Marvelous colorful lakes of Abudelauri

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Beautiful Abudelauri lakes in Khevsureti are definitely a Must See place in Georgia. It is located in the east part of Georgia, on the southern slope of Caucasus Mountain above sea level of 2812 m. There are three lakes that come from glaciers: Green, blue and white one. They are not far from each other so you can see all of it in a one-day tour. The entire hiking trail is around 14 kilometers.

This place is truly breathtaking. However, before planning a tour, keep in mind that for more than 6 months the lakes are frozen. Ice starts melting at the end of May, but the best time to visit this marvelous place is probably in mid-July when flowers are blooming nearby the lakes.

The legend connected with Abudelauri Lakes

Iakhsar is one of the sons of God from local mythology, who was fighting against evil and protecting places and people. According to a folk story, Iakhsar was fighting against the last giant, which accidentally fell in Abudelauri Lake.

Iakhsar followed him and killed him in the lake. Blood of the giant covered the whole surface of the lake and blocked it so that the son of God could not come out of it until one man didn’t toss the blood of sheep in the lake to clear it from giant’s impure blood. As a sign of gratitude, Iakhsar promised to a man that he would make his three wishes come true whenever he needed him, son of god would be there for him.

He used his first wish when his family got some incurable disease. The man prayed to Iakhsar to help him and his family, so he cured them as he has promised. The second time he asked for his help when his family got another disease and of course, he helped him immediately. The third time, he had to harvest when suddenly weather worsened and he decided to ask Iakhsar to change the weather.

At that moment son of God was on a very serious mission, but as he heard this man praying, he left everything and rushed to help him. When he saw that there was nothing urgent, he got angry at this man so much that he killed him and his whole family.

Source of Inspiration

Right now, this story might sound unrealistic and fictional, but even if this is some absurd legend or just an imagination, what I see is that this heavenly place - colorful lakes of Abudelauri stops time and brings you to the whole new dimension. You will get so much inspiration from it that you won’t want to leave this place. Clear water like a mirror and mountains around it makes this place so special and marvelous.

Abudelauri Lakes
Abudelauri Lakes
Roshka, Georgia

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Anano Chikhradze

I am Anano. I Iove travelling, history and getting to know people from all over the world. I write about Georgia, my country, and I am sure everybody will fall in love with it.

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