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Slovenian special day for the love birds - Gregorjevo

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I know, Valentine’s day is long gone, and all this consumerism can be frustrating and annoying – we should show our love on every day of the year. But still, isn’t it nice to have yet another opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care about them? And in Slovenia, even though that we can feel the western influence and celebrate the Valentine’s day as well, we have a special day devoted to the love birds.

Gregorjevo (St. Gregory's Day) has been named after Pope Saint Gregory I, who has been known to be a patron of students and musicians, among others. His feast day has previously been celebrated on the March 12th, which has been considered as the first day of spring. It has been said, that on this day the birds (not the love birds, but the actual birds) are being wed.

In Slovenia a few interesting traditions are still kept alive and while enjoying a romantic holiday in Slovenia you might want to join the festivity. One of the traditional beliefs says that a first bird a young girl sees on that day announces what will the girl’s future husband be like.

On the eve of St. Gregory's Day (March 11th) people float the miniature houses or boats decorated with candles down the river or stream. This is an imitation of an old tradition when people celebrated that the days are getting longer and craftsmen could work at day light. Not needing the lamps when working, they put the water wheels into the streams, carrying the light away.

Nowadays people put all kinds of boats in the water, and it is a pleasure to watch all this craftwork floating in the water.

However you decide to enjoy this special day when in Slovenia, there are many opportunities whether you’re in love or not. You can visit the Island of Love on Mura River or make a trip to Bled. The lovely church on the Bled Island was built on the place where the temple dedicated to the ancient Slavic goddess of love Živa used to stand. There is a bell you can ring and if you truly believe, your dreams will come true. Make a wish!

Island of Love, Slovenia
Island of Love, Slovenia
Lake Bled
Lake Bled
Meer van Bled, 4260 Bled, Slovenië

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