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Svaneti, the most beautiful place in the whole Caucasus

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The whole Georgia is very beautiful but Svaneti… This is the place that always inspires me. When I first visited this region, I realized that there is heaven on earth.

There is a lovely legend about Ushba and Tetnuldi. Svans say that Tetnuldi was a girl and Ushba was a boy. They were couple who loved each other. However, their families did not let them to be together. That’s why Tetnuldi dreamed to become a mountain and Ushba prayed for the same after he saw that his lover has died. Both of them waxed into beautiful mountains and they stand in front of each other. Tetnuldi is always full of snow like a bride and looks to Ushba. When you look at them you feel the power and sadness of their love.

Svaneti would not be as attractive without Svans. They are very unique people and it is very interesting for everybody to communicate with them. Svans have their own language and traditions. For everybody they are a little bit strange, however, Svans consider themselves as an independent people and this is the main reason of their pride. In the whole Georgia, you can buy any land or property that is on sale. However, this rule does not apply to Svaneti Region. This is very strange, but they will never sell their land to a foreigner or even to a Georgian. Svans own all lands in this region and only they or a person, who is married to the Svanetian man, can buy it.

In Svaneti, you will see many medieval stone towers. Some of them are dating back a millennium. They were used to protect families against enemies in the time of wars. Also, we have a joke that if a Svan likes a girl he can just steal and close her in such kind of tower in Svaneti. Actually, this is not a joke. They are really straightforward and if they like somebody they don’t care about anything, they will just try their best to win a woman’s heart. So, if you are a girl, I advise you to travel there in a group and not alone... However, they are really kind and friendly people, everybody loves them.

When in Mestia, the capital of this region, you can visit Svaneti Museum as well. There you will see the collections of ancient icons and many important archeological materials.

Not to forget ski lovers, Svaneti is the best place in Georgia for skiing and snowboarding as the snow stays there during the whole year.

So, all you need now is to explore by yourself this beautiful and mysterious place.

X4W5+V8 Adishi, Georgia
village Becho, Mestia 3210, Géorgie

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The author

Anano Chikhradze

Anano Chikhradze

I am Anano. I Iove travelling, history and getting to know people from all over the world. I write about Georgia, my country, and I am sure everybody will fall in love with it.

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