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Tbilisi Zoo- The wildest part of the city

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Tbilisi Zoo is the most exotic place in the capital. It is located in the Vere River Valley that belongs to the central part of Tbilisi. Tbilisi Zoo is a park that gives you the opportunity to visit the local fauna. Also, you can see animals from different parts of the world such as majestic white lions, Asian elephants, white rhinoceros and others.

The collection of exotic birds is also very diverse. Probably you will love African penguins, different species of pheasants, proud predators and beautiful peacocks.

In the renewed exotarium you can enjoy with the colorful fishes, poisonous snakes and other interesting reptiles. Over 200 species of animals are presented in Tbilisi Zoo including rare and endangered species that are very difficult to find in nature.


At the beginning of the 20th century, the Caucasian Animal Society was the only organization that was functioning in Tbilisi. This society was keeping wild animals; however, they did not have the status of the zoological park.

The history of the Tbilisi Zoo started from 1927, February 10, when Tbilisi City Council decided to establish a Zoological Park. In order to do it, they gave 70 hectares land in the Vera valley to the Animal Society. The first director of the Zoo became Mister Hanson.

Tbilisi Zoo was supplied with wild animals from the “Zoo Center”. Its branches were located in different parts of the Soviet Union. Over time, Tbilisi Zoo considerably changed and developed.

Nowadays, the following departments are functioning there: predators and primitive-rodents, birds, exotarium that includes reptiles, amphibians and fishes and children’s educational center.

The number of animals was increasing significantly; however, the zoo was heavily affected by a big flood in 2015. Many inhabitants died or were lost. Fortunately, Georgian people have united and tried their best to overcome this problem. They recovered everything and the zoo continued its functioning. In 2007 the first sea aquarium was opened in the Caucasus Region.

Fun, fun, fun!

Currently, there are around 30 different types of attractions and entertainment units in Tbilisi Zoo. Such as the Wheel from where you can enjoy nice views, a laughing room, shooting and etc. This park is for all ages as everybody can have fun.

If you love communicating with animals, you have a chance to take a closer look at some of the animals. This project is interesting especially for kids as they can feed the animals, take care of them by brushing and take memorable pictures. Those who love the extreme feelings, Tbilisi Zoo offer them to visit snakes and put them around the neck.

If you are interested in such kind of activities or just want to spend a day relaxing and walking in nature, don’t miss Tbilisi Zoo while visiting Georgia and have a great time!

Tbilisi zoo
Tbilisi zoo
Tbilissi, Géorgie

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