Treat for your inner kid: Muzeiko in Sofia

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One of the places you owe yourself a visit is Muzeiko. For all the museum lovers, especially the one that is a bit frustrated by the tag that says “please don't touch”, this is the place to be. The building where is exposed the fact that the science, history, and engineering have a fun side, is built in 2015 on three levels and is placed in a suburb of Sofia, Bulgaria. It is easily reachable with metro, so don't miss this treat for your inner child, Muzeiko in Sofia.


The point of this museum is to trigger the kids to learn in a more interactive way. Also, I believe one of the main aims is to make everyone happy, no matter the age. The building is consisted of three levels, where each one is offering a different era of existence. As you can guess, the lowest level is dedicated to “The past”, the middle one is “Now”, and the upper floor is “The future”.

The level of “The past” have dedicated the space to explain several fields: archaeology, paleontology, geology, and history of the human civilization. Here you can activate a volcano, learn how to handshake like real Roman, and try several characteristic clothes…

The section “Now” is divided in two: natural and constructed. The natural one is mostly sensational: you can smell different herbs, you can see through lenses so you can have an idea how some insects see the surrounding or you can hear the sound of birds, rivers, and the ocean.

The constructed part of “Now” presents the life of the cities. Architecture and urbanization through new contemporary materials. The most beautiful side of this museum (for me) is that the object where all of this is hosted is energy efficient. It creates its own electricity, collects rainwater, and is heated by geothermal energy!


The top floor, “The future”, is where you can find interactive explanations and presentations for the biggest scientific and technological discoveries in history. You can launch a rocket, or try to predict the weather. May the force be with you.

For everyone ambitious enough to reach the stars, there is a planetarium, and as you expected, you can even plant and raise a flower in conditions like in space.

In a case of a blood sugar disbalance, after the whole geeky adventure, still play smart and visit a pastry shop near here that offers raw, gluten-free cookies, that still has a rich taste. Just a ten minutes walk from Muzeiko you can reach Vanilla and treat yourself like a queen.

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