A cheesy experience! Discover the Dutch cheese markets

A cheesy experience! Discover the Dutch cheese markets

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As I have already mentioned before, when we’re thinking about the Netherlands a few words come instantly in mind; windmills, bikes and of course CHEESE. Dutch cheese production is currently in the hands of dairy factories, which produce and export hundreds of millions of tons of cheese every year. The cheese markets in Alkmaar, Gouda and Edam remind us of the origins of a flourishing cheese trade and have become popular tourist attractions.

The Dutch still love cheese and eat about seven pounds of it annually per person. Just like Julius Caesar, let yourself be surprised about the many types of Dutch cheeses and sample the country's "yellow gold". Despite its popular mispronunciation, everyone knows the name "Gouda" (HOW-da, not GOO-da), the quintessential yellow Dutch cheese that accounts for some 60% of the Netherlands' cheese production. Less world-famous than its namesake cheese, however, is Gouda the city. At the same time, everyone is familiar with the Edam cheese (yes, it’s equally delicious).

And yeah of course, the most popular cheeses from Holland are Gouda and Edam. However, there are many other types of Dutch cheese, such as: Frisian, Limburger, Kernhem, Bluefort, Subenhara, Maasdam, Old Amsterdam, Old Alkmaar, Mimolette Commission, Maasland, Texelaar-Kollumer, Leyden and Leerdammer (also super delicious). SO, if you are a big cheese lover you will definitely appreciate the suggestions that follow! Discover with me some of the best cheese markets in the Netherlands, and spend your day tasting different kinds of cheese. You’ll never get enough! Enjoy!

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