Bodbe, a place to make an important wish

Bodbe, a place to make an important wish

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Bodbe Monastery dedicated to Saint Nino is located at Bodbe, 2 km from the town of Sighnaghi, Kakheti. St. Nino is very important saint for Georgians, since she was the one who spread Christianity in our country in the 5th century. Last years of her life, she spent in Bodbe, that’s why Georgians buried St. Nino in this monastic complex.

Nowadays, a lot of people come to see her tomb, as this place is very miraculous. I saw many people coming out from there with tears and I have heard many stories explaining how their wishes came true. Actually, you can put there all your jewelry and prey to her with your pure heart. If you believe, it will come true. This place keeps many secrets and stories. You will feel it already when you enter the beautiful garden. Nuns, who live there, are taking care of it and they try to keep it as beautiful and green as it was during the life of St. Nino.

In the church, you will be able to see the Miraculous Icon of the Iberian Mother of God. In Soviet times, the monastery was closed and transformed into a hospital. They were using this icon as a table for surgeries. Once one of the doctors had a dream where Saint Mariam told her that they must return the icon to its own place. She believed in God and she decided to do so. However, another doctor was against it, as he was a nonbeliever. To prove her colleague that this is just a picture, he took a knife and cut the face of the icon. All these scratches are still visible on the Iberian Mother of God’s face. Suddenly, this young and completely healthy man died. This was a testimony to all nonbelievers to understand the value of this icon and to respect it. Nowadays, this icon can be seen on the south wall of the cathedral.

In Bodbe, only 400 meters from the monastery, there is the source of St. Nino that emerged inexplicably, out of nowhere, in the 4th century. This saint source has the healing features. The water is very cold, but all people, who believe in the power of this saint natural source, go there. I was a child when I firstly went into this water. In the beginning, it was very difficult and cold, however, I prayed to have more strength and when I went out I felt warm and I was not even wet. This feeling can not be expressed in words; everybody should try it.

It does not matter if you are a believer or not, this place has such a positive vibe, that it is worth visiting!

Bodbe monastery
Bodbe monastery
Sighnaghi-St. Nino Monastery, Sighnaghi, Géorgie

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