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How would you describe the place you work in five days a week? Well, I don’t know. I don’t feel like I’m working here, I feel like it’s a place I fit in, somewhere I like to be. Le National – le Natio for French-speaking, the Nash for English speaking – is a pub-zzeria like others. Is it? Not for the ones who came. For those, it tastes a bit like home.

Picture a Saturday evening. That week in March for example... The Six Nations are on: France – England. The bar is full with Irish, Welsh, Scottish, English, French and other nationalities. We are three barmen running all around, three chefs cooking like nothing else matters in life. We are running out of Guinness glasses. Gorgeous pizzas, massive nachos, and tasty wings are crawling out of the kitchen. It’s hot. It’s busy. It’s happy. Eyes in customer’s eyes, we can only guess the game by the sound of the crowd. Oh! Ah! No! Go on! Come on guys! Yesssss! Well Done! Ouh! So many emotions.

And then suddenly the pressure drops. La Marseillaise plays. France won. It also means Ireland won the tournament!!! Happy faces talk loud and laugh while others go out to have a cigaret.

Short break.

A bit later the time comes to dance on the sound of live music. Tonight is violin, guitar, and voices. They’ll sing until the last round then slowly take the way home.

That's where I leave you. It’s 1am. The pub is empty. My heart half relieved, half nostalgic already. It’s time to clean everything and go home as well. Or is it time to find the bravest in a hidden place and keep the party on until the sunrise or later?

Breathe deeply to pick.


#Practical Corner

Quiet evenings with fantastic locals, French and English speaking, not afraid to talk to new faces; Winter nights playing pools with seasonnaires having a break from the madness of their jobs; Family meals, birthday party, Thursdays quiz, Musical Saturdays; A place to live, gather and enjoy. That's the National!

And just to let you know, I’m not the only one to think so: the National just received the “Favorite Bar” award by Morzine Source Magazine

It's located in Saint Jean d'Aulps, just 15 minutes drive from Morzine. During the day busses are driving from Morzine but it isn't as easy in the evening... If you plan to drive there, choose a sober driver before: the roads are windings and the gendarmes ready to test your alcohol level. And if you want the come back by taxi be sure to book it in advance because they are really unreliable...

Summer and Winter are very different beats in the Alps. The Nash embraces that changes by different activities. Bbq and lighter meals are planned from June ;)

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Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson

I’m Eileen, a Belgian living in France. I got the travel bug when I was so young that I don’t even remember it. I hope my stories will bring you to travel while reading!

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