Cover image credit © iStockphoto/sarra22
Cover image credit © iStockphoto/sarra22
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Paradise Jazz Festival, Paphos' finest

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Paphos is said to be the city of culture and events. It is the location where Aphrodite fell in love and got loved, and of course, the city where the culture is more important than anything else. Paphos is not only famous for all these things, but also for all the events that are organized every year and have now transformed into tradition. 

Counting more than 18 years, the Paradise Jazz Festival is one of the festivals that shouldn't be missed;  ideal for all ages, and especially for the landscape lovers, the festival guarantees an unforgettable musical experience! 

This year, the 20th anniversary of Paradise Jazz Festival will take place in Val`s Place, in Gialia Village, on the 23rd and 24th of August.

The location and the story behind

This year the location may be slightly different, but the landscape is still of the same beautiful area. The location is absolutely beautiful and Val`s Place oozes through the landscape, radiating with love, warmth and a sense of community. The place is also known for its incredible view of the sunset and its delicious food. Val’s Team consists of professional musicians that perform, teach and take part in many musical events around Cyprus, enhancing their cause and amplifying their collaborations. The festival is "enveloped" between Gialia forest and the Polis Chrysochous coastline. Situated at the top of the hill, it stretches to the very bottom, allowing you that way to camp with all the appropriate amenities. 

Photo Credits © iStockphoto/sarra22
Photo Credits © iStockphoto/sarra22

The Paradise Jazz Festival started in 1999 by Socratis Efstathiou, who at that time and for 18 consequent years was running one of the most well known "bar-restaurants"  in Cyprus, called Paradise Place. The bar was located in the beautiful scenery of the west coast, and specifically at Pomos Village in Paphos district.

Paradise Jazz Festival
Paradise Jazz Festival
Pomos, Chipre

Although at first, it seemed like a far-fetched idea to present renowned jazz artists from England in a border area, the Paradise Jazz Festival was loved by the audience from the very beginning. First, it started with artists from England and then with the addition of musicians from Cyprus, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, etc, who gave an international image to it. 

In the evolution of the Festival, with the support of Cyprus' Jazz Musicians, it gained an institutional character, where the purpose was to represent the island`s best quality music with jazz roots and not only. The festival supports the progress and the authenticity of our island`s musicians and encourages collaborations with international artists. 

Relax, chill-out, take off your shoes, sip on a long refreshing drink, and enjoy the company... after all, you are in Paradise. The place is simply unique. The area is blessed with a wonderful dramatic rocky coastline and villages, where time is still valued. The building is delightfully quirky in character: but then, it is the home of the famous Paradise Jazz Festival.

The Paradise Jazz Festival is about the fans, the passionate musicians and the invisible helpers behind the stages. Do not miss out on attending it!

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