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Springtime in Tbilisi – A smell of the summer

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Travel Tips For Tbilisi

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Despite the fact that you can still ski in some regions of Georgia, see lots of snow and have a real winter fun, in Tbilisi you will feel that summer is near. Weather in the capital is really enviable. Spring just has started, however, while walking in the streets you can already feel the warmth and a great smell of the spring.

A day, spent in Tbilisi during the springtime is very pleasant as the weather mostly is mild, so you really feel comfortable. Such kind of weather is my favorite one and I am sure that you will like it too. I will give you some advice about the places where you can really relax and increase your mood at its maximum.

Turtle Lake

Let’s start with turtle lake, which is Georgians’ favorite place at any time of the year, especially during spring and summer times. The name comes from the turtles that used to live in this place. This beautiful small lake is located on the northern slope of Mtatsminda Mountain near the city center. This place is 686.7 m above sea level, so you can see the whole Tbilisi from there and enjoy the fresh air. The views are breathtaking. People usually go there to escape from the busy city life and refresh themselves.

This place is interesting for visitors at any time of the day. People come here to exercise in the mornings, to jog or to run around the lake. Evening walking is also very nice. You can drink a hot coffee or tea in the cosy cafes near turtle lake. If you like smoking hookah, this place is perfect for the relaxing evenings!

Lisi Lake

Another famous lake in Georgia is Lisi Lake with nice views and cosy atmosphere where you can enjoy picnics or ride a bike around it. This lake belongs to Mtkvari river valley. Variety of different exotic birds and a large number of snakes are around the lake. However, don’t be afraid as I have never seen a snake there, so I think they are not that common after all or they just don’t disturb the population.

You can also ride small boats there, spend some time fishing and enjoy the sunsets over the lake. After these healthy activities, you can also visit the modern Lisi Bath and relax in the sulfur water.

Now you know something about both lakes in Tbilisi, all you need is to check them by yourself and to have a great time!

Turtle Lake, Tbilisi
Turtle Lake, Tbilisi
Turtle Lake, Tbilisi, Georgia
Lisi Lake
Lisi Lake
Lake Lisi, Tbilisi, Georgia

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