Subotica, northern Serbian gem

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Upon continuing our Balkan journey, we simply must stop at the very northern spot of Serbia and check out its glorious gem. Known as Pannonian rhapsody, Subotica is the second largest city in Vojvodina, after Novi Sad. The contrast between Hungarian and Serbian architecture and traditions make this city a great destination for a day trip, where you will find yourself genuinely enjoying the soothing vibe this city has.

Some time ago, Subotica used to be the important center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Therefore, the work of the most influential architects and artists in the region that this city attracted is excellently preserved today. Even the least architecturally inclined will fall for Subotica's art nouveau charms. Most sights are along the pedestrian street of Korzo or on the main square, Trg Slobode.

Another amazing thing about Subotica is that it is one of Serbia's most multicultural towns, with Hungarians and Serbs, as well as a sizeable population of Croats and Bunjevci (minority Catholic ethnic group). You will find it rather interesting to hear different languages on the streets of this small city.

I love going to Subotica on a day trip from Belgrade, or when I have a flight to Budapest, Hungary. Subotica is only 10km from the Hungarian border. The road is amazing and you can really enjoy in your car trip and make a break in this city to have a coffee or grab a bite. The taste of Subotica is a delightful combination of Serbian and Hungarian cuisines, which you will most certainly love, or find a bit too heavy. You will find an array of restaurants fitting for all budgets.

Subotica is indeed a happy little place that you will find rather soothing and relaxing. I think this is the perfect spot to feel the Austro-Hungarian influence in this region in every possible aspect. I am sure you will enjoy it in just having a drink at one of their cafes and mellow taverns while talking with their lovely locals. You will learn even more about their culture as well as the places to go to. But for that, stay tuned with itinari as well as I promise I will introduce you to many more gems like this.

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