Trolltunga - Hiking to the Toungue

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Trolltunga or The Troll's tongue is a rock that is hanging out over Ringedalsvatnet approximately 700 meters above the ground and 1100 meters above the sea. The area is called Skjeggedal. Because of the excitement when walking onto the tongue, you'll get an adrenalin mix with a little bit of fear. This is a good recipe for a lasting memory. Kind of the same mix of emotion you get from roller coasters.

Another path to explore in Norway is the great hiking spot ''Preikestolen''! ''Hiking in Lofoten'' has nature opportunities in the north of Norway while ''Experience Hardangervidda'', ''Hiking in Jotunheimen'' and ''the glacier of Folgefonna'' are for the nature lover in the south.

It takes a bit of effort

This path is for the tough guy. You need to make a big effort to reach it. Not like Preikestolen which is known as ''the instant reward'' path.

Trolltunga Norway
Trolltunga Norway
'59.5"N 6°37'31.9"E, 6007 Tyssedal, Norway

From Skjeggedal, the tip takes an incredible 14 km. Because of the hills that you'll climb, it will take you 6 hours to get up.

No guide is needed for this trip:

Find the Skjeggedal road after Tyssedal. Your car can be parked right next to the Mågelibanen. You probably won't park here since the fee is up to 50 euros a day. The machine is expensive while the Kiosk has a cheaper price and is open from 16:00 to 20:00. The Trolley track Mågelibanen is not usable because of new regulations made by the masterminds in the EEA despite zero recorded accidents. Right next to the trolley there was a path called Brakufsa. On the internet, it says that you will walk up this one. However, the path is broken and replaced with an asphalt road. You can take your car 4 km up this road toward Trolltunga and pay around 60 euros if you want. 30 spaces are available for parking.

Tyssedal, Norway

Some tips that might seem obvious:

Bring a lot of food as you'll be without shops for most of the day

During the summer the sun is up an incredibly long while, and in the autumn the sun starts to go down early. To not experience blindness on the way back, bring a flashlight when travelling during the dark periods. During September, start your trip before 7:30.

This is not the only tongue in this are, there are multiple options

You have part-time phone signal from Telenor on the track

Hiking is generally recommended until the end of September

The mountains are colder than the fjords

People are rescued from this area every year but you can camp during the hike and put your tent up completely legally

The period between November-March is dangerous

A well marked path

The path is pretty well marked, so you'll be fine by following only the direction on the path. On the way, you will see waters that you may drink from. The freshest water in the world is here in Norway.

A replica of ''Preikestolen''

They named a cliff half an hour south from Trolltunga ''Preikestolen''. That is the same name as the super famous Preikestolen in Ryfylket. This is just a mini replica. The extra half hour to get there might be worthy for a second amazing cliff experience.

Odda camping
Odda camping
Odda Camping, Jordalsvegen 29, 5750 Odda, Norway

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