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What people do for fun in Bergen

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The capital of Norway until 1299. It experienced some city fires and calls their football team ''Brann'' which means fire In Norwegian. Known for their special dialect and intense rain periods. What about the people? What do they do? Inspired by stories such as Summer in Lithuania, Writers' house of Georgia, and The musical part of Portugal, I'm showing what people do for fun in Bergen!

1. They look at the gingerbread city

This is a city made out of Gingerbread. Kids and enthusiasts are making excellent artwork voluntarily and the result is delicious. Read more about this city in The gingerbread city of Bergen.

Gingerbread city Bergen
Gingerbread city Bergen
Teatergaten 37, 5010 Bergen, Norge

2. They travel to 1877

Actually, they travel to the restaurant 1877 which was found in 2013. They go here for special occasions. In this area, there is a meat bazar which was opened in 1877, hence the name of the restaurant. Just as the meat bazar, the restaurant prides itself on their focus on local goods and historical and visual references from the time of Norway in 1877. This is their way of taking care of the reputation of the meat bazar.

Restaurant 1877
Restaurant 1877
Vetrlidsallmenningen 2, 5014 Bergen, Norge

3. They play Escape games at Escape Bryggen

Go to this place to try to escape it. You have to solve puzzles and think a bit in order to get out of these rooms. The location is in a special part of Bergen which has layers of history behind it. You have 60 minutes to get out of the room with the help of your friends and clues that you discover around. Talking to each other and using your brains will help you in these situations. You'll get tips inside of the room which you then connect with the larger picture and then eventually you're supposed to get out.

Escape game ''Bryggen''
Escape game ''Bryggen''
Bryggen 35, 5003 Bergen, Norge

4. They visit the Sea museum

Bergens Sjøfartsmuseum
Bergens Sjøfartsmuseum
Haakon Sheteligs plass 15, 5020 Bergen, Hordaland

The sea museum of Bergen will let you know all you need about what's going on with the sea industry, technology, and vision of Norway on the waves. You'll learn about the evolution of the boat from the Viking ages until today, what kind of material is required on a boat, and how heavy the check for errors in the boats are before they are set out for the life on the ocean. Norway had some issues during the world wars and there are military boats in this museum to show that. Bergen is a sea city and a boat museum is a good way of showing this. You'll get to experience boat objects, models of futuristic ships, illustrations, movies and much more!

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