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Folgefonna glacier - Norwegian landmark on ice!

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Travel Tips For Hordaland

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Of the southernmost glaciers in Norway and Europe. Folgefonna didn't remain after the ice age in fact. About 5000 years ago the temperature lowered and there was more rain and snow coming and this is when it was created. Folgefonna is for the nature lover and geologist who doesn't want to experience Disney on ice, but Norway.

For the hiker, I have stories about Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Jotunheimen, Hardangervidda, Innerdalstårnet as well. You'll also find a ski centre in Folgefonna.

Tales of the locals

The local tale for why people lived here was that some people were punished for living a sinful life. They were in church in the area and everyone was crushed by a huge snowfall. Everyone except one girl who was cooking dinner for her man. She managed to reach safety and it's said that her successors live in the same district to this day.

Folgefonna glacier
Folgefonna glacier
5627 Jondal, Norway

Garbage and waste

For Norwegians, it's common sense to not leave any garbage around these tracks. Because no trash makes the track more beautiful and that makes us beautiful. It's like when you have a really clean and nice apartment that the landlord really put an effort in to make nice and you can sense that and therefore don't puke on the curtains or ride the skateboard on the toilet.

Pilgrimsvegen (The pilgrim's path)

When you research this place you'll find out that it's recommended to take a guide with you. This is because the same people who recommend a guide are renting out guides. If you know a little bit about hiking and how to manage nature you'll be fine without. one

Pilgrimsvegen pro-tips:

This track is not for the winter season. Go between June and September. The avalanches might take you down. We have avalanches every winter basically. The hike is considerably challenging and for the skilled hiker.

The signal for the phone is pretty weak. Maybe they will fix better signals as phone technology is becoming more advanced. For safety, bring a tracking system like a GPS and map. You'll find clear water here to fill up your bottles and stuff. The hike takes time so make sure to bring some hamburgers. It doesn't matter what season it is, remember to bring warm clothes just in case- it might be summer, yet it's still Norway.

Nordrepollen - The geological trail

Nordrepollen, Kvinnherad, Norway

It's called the Geological trail. You'll discover the secrets behind the natural creation of Folgefonna. That's why it's called the Geological trail. You can see when the water meets ice and stone and the trail is also geological because actual geologists and botanists designed the path. You'll get to see plants that can survive icy glaciers. One of them is the pyramidal saxifrage. A saxifrage is a humble and strong plant that because of these qualities is the national flower of Norway.

The Historic trail

This trail is concentrated on the memory of Norway and the souls who came here in the 1800's. On this route, you have cottages with beds and stuff where you can stay overnight to chill and feel as if you're in a Norwegian person's life from the 1800s. This route allows you to walk across the Glacier!

Folgefonna ski resort
Folgefonna ski resort
Folgefonna Snowboard og Ski Camp, Espeland, 5626 Jondal, Norway

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