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Right next to the French border, Saarbrücken is the capital city of the Saarland in Germany. The city was separated from Germany twice in the 20th century, which makes it very unique to explore. This culture hub of Germany was famous for its coal industry. With its plain landscape, lovely Saar river, and delicious wines, Saarbrücken attracts many tourists every year. You can reach the city from its airport or by train. To explore the city, you can use the excellent public transport system or simply walk since it takes around 20 minutes to reach the many highlights of the city. So if you want to explore Saarbrücken, here is your guide!

The first stop in Saarbrücken should be the Ludwig's Church! This unique church considered being one of the most aesthetically perfect Protestant baroque churches in Germany! The Ludwig's Church was completed in 1775 but sadly, it destroyed during the WWII. After restored meticulously, today this church is one of the main highlights of this city! Not only outside, inside is also amazing. You can visit this church from every Tuesday till Saturday between 11.00 am - 5.00 pm for free!

Your second stop should be the Saarbrücken Castle! The first mention of this castle dated back to 999! Back at that time, this castles name was Castellum Sarabrucca! Saarbrücken Castle had lots of renovations for centuries. The first renovation was made in the 17th Century in Renaissance style and the second renovation followed in the 18th Century with a baroque residence. The castle today is used for cultural events, conferences, and festivities!

And finally, it is time to relax and eat! Of course, the best place to do that is at the St. Johanner Markt! In this market square, you can find lots of boutiques, bars, bistros, restaurants, and many more! This picturesque market square has been a part of the old town and while enjoying your time in here, you can also gaze into a wonderful view of the market square and also the Baroque church Ludwigskirche! Oh, and while you are here, don't forget to eat Schwenker, which is a steak prepared on a special grill!

Not only that, after visiting Saarbrücken, you can also visit amazing cities like Heidelberg, Schwetzingen, Mannheim and even Karlsruhe!

If you want to visit Saarbrücken, find your inspiration now!

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