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Before he took part in extreme political groups. Before he began drafting books. Before he got into large debts and got an inconvenient accidental baby, he found himself in Trier. That is the hometown of Karl Marx. The oldest city in Germany perhaps. Found by the celts 4th century BC. In 1st century BC it was obtained by the Romans.

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After the Trier days, Marx got into the same university as Nietzsche was in. The University of Bonn. Read more about Nietzsche in ''Nobody cares about Nietzsche's hometown''

He worked as an attorney in 1815. He got his family into a 10 room house near the Porta Nigra in Trier.

The Marxist view of Trier

If you desire a Marxist view of Trier. That involves examining the poverty scene and the current market flops. Enter a tour about this. On the tour, you will move inside the city and look at the Marx birthplace and the director will talk about the contemporary scene of Germany correlated to the time of Marx.

When he lived here, the nation was called Prussia.

Religious switch

Karl Marx was big on abolishing religion. Nevertheless, all his grandfathers were big shot Rabbies in the Jew society. His father made them protestants for legal perks. There were some struggles with being Jewish at this time you might say.

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