​Nobody cares about Nietzsche's hometown

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Nietzsche's hometown was Röcken. Which is not the city this story is about. So not even this article cares about Nietzsche's hometown. It's about where he spent the most important time of his childhood. In Naumburg. So you can say that he grew up in Naumburg and was born in Röcken. The closest big city is Leipzig. Check out ''Leipzig and its music composers''. A great man once said that if you want to understand a person you need to know their parents, their mind, and their hometown. It was me who said that. I also say: Why isn't this place more popularized? For those who likes big cities can see Vienna guide for smart people.

To get here you take the IC train from Leipzig Hauptbahnhof towards Køln. It's two stops. Platform 10.

​It's not like the city is ugly. The houses are gorgeous! In the streets, you will be taken back to the medieval times with its architecture. All over it's like that. You get bombarded with old school shapes.

His childhood

​When he was a kid he became close friends with Rudolf Wagner, Gustav Krug, and Wilhelm Pinder. They created a sort of Uber trio in the quest for truth. This could be a great marketing point for the city.

​One time he and a friend called Richter got to school intoxicated with alcohol and after that his status as a ''perfect kid'' officially abolished. After he found out that they shouldn't drink alcohol and it became part of his philosophy. He created the legacy of ''I will never drink again''. Later he dropped out of theology studies and that didn't exactly help his reputation either (his father was a priest).

Underpromoted city

​When you search for things about Nietzsche you see that they don't advertise very well about his city. You have the Nietzsche haus and that's about it. This is for sure not like Mozart's Salzburg. So that's why I am here to promote Nietzche's city. Okay, Nietzsche's city is actually Röcken. The problem is that the biggest marketing expert will have major anxiety attacks while trying to promote Röcken. I'm having the suspicion that it's his stubborn atheism that drives the people away from promoting him. Or maybe it's because they think he is responsible for Nazi germany.

History of Naumburg

Naumburg was an important trading city during the middle ages since it was located on the Via Regia road. That's a cool fact. It's a very relaxed place. It has 34 thousand people.

The legendary cafe

​Near the Nietzsche haus, only two houses apart, there is a cafe. Which is not called Nietzsche cafe. It's called Cafe Weingarten 12 instead. Here you get to know stories about Nietzsche. How his life was like in Naumburg and so on. These cool facts are only knowable if you either go through days of researching facts in all kinds of German and Italian books or if you visit the actual place. Anyways, my challenge for you when you come here is to answer this philosophical and abstract nihilistic Nietzsche style question: In what way is Germany collapsing today?

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