Waalhalla, an indoor skatepark and electronic music venue

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Inspired by Kai’s awesome skate related articles, I’ve decided to present a place that I could easily call my second home while living in the Netherlands, and specifically in the small student city of Nijmegen!

Waalhalla, as mentioned in the title, is an indoor skate park located in the heart of Nijmegen! The skatepark was built together by enthusiastic volunteers and locals affiliated with the skate and electronic music culture! The park is offered so that you can develop your skate skills. If you do not have anything to do with skating, but you’re still willing to learn, do not worry; Waalhalla offers various workshops and has a broad cultural and social activities open to the public, organised quite frequently!

Waalhalla opened its doors for the first time in 2009. With the help of its motivated volunteers, a unique indoor concrete skate park was built and at that moment it was said to be the only one in Europe. Later on, a canteen, a small skate shop, and a place where the workshops would take place (graffiti, DJ, etc.) have been added. Unfortunately, in 2015 Waalhalla had to close its doors because the building had to be demolished. Fortunately, after a great gathering of Waalhalla’s fan-club in front of the town hall, a new place was put in progress. In 2016, Waalhalla opened its new skatepark, which was actually really close to the old skatepark. The park is situated close to the river Waal and steals your heart with a beautiful view of the three bridges of Nijmegen. Waalhalla is also recognized as a training company and offers accommodation to an average of 16 trainees per year, from cultural and social education students to graphic and spatial designers! Such a nice place to unfold your talents and learn from others, right?

Waal Rivier
Waal Rivier
Rivierstraat, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Winselingseweg 12, 6541 AK Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The music venue

If you’re looking for sick parties that last till the morning comes, with great music and great lights then Waalhalla is the place to be. Besides the skate park, Waalhalla also includes a big stage equipped probably for the best parties of your life. The stage that Waalhalla offers is extremely diverse; from various hip-hop evenings to band nights with rock & hard rock, and of course with its electronic weekends!! If you’re a fan of the electronic music, techno, drum&bass or minimal, make sure to pay a visit to it! (my nights there were just incredible!). In a few words, the venue is something for everyone and it has activities almost every weekend. For a better understanding, those are some of the parties hosted in Waalhalla. The party people around Holland should know!!

At the same time, if you’re looking for a place to organize a bday party or if you’re looking for a place to rock with your band, then again Waalhalla is the place to be! As said, there’s a nice bar, a fantastic outdoor terrace with a view and a room fully equipped with professional light and sound.

What are you waiting for?!

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