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With its cute medieval buildings, cool history and and Gothic style, Breda is located in the southern part of the Netherlands. The city has a great military and political importance during the Holy Roman Empire era that's why the city was surrounded with lovely brick walls and Roman-style gates. During the World War II, Germany was occupied Breda and Breda's medieval buildings have been demolished greatly but you can still see some in Grote Mark! To reach the city you can fly to Eindhoven Airport since its 55 km away from Breda or fly to Brussels which is 96 km away from Breda. You can also take a train or bus from Amsterdam. You can rent a bike from the Breda Central Train Station or use the Citybus to discover the city. From the central train station, it also only takes 10 minutes to walk to the city center! So if you want to get to know the city better, here is your guide!

The first stop, Grote Kerk. This Brabant style of Gothic church is the most famous landmark of this cute city. The Grote Kerk or Great Church was built in 1269 but the tower of the church was collapsed in 1457 so they had to re-built it again. The current shape was constructed in 1547 and today the 97 meter tall tower stands with its all grace.

The second stop should be the Breda Castle or Kasteel van Breda! Breda's history actually started when a fortress was built in the 12th Century. And then the city was built around this fortress and the castle was built in 15th Century. Over the years the castle of Breda was used as Renaissance palace, military barracks, military hospital and today it is still in use and owned by Royal Military Academy since 1826. After visiting the castle, don't forget to take a selfie with the entrance gate since it is from the 16th century!

For the art lovers, Stedelijk Museum Breda should be the first stop, if you want to get to know better about the heritage and history of Breda! This interesting museum was opened in 1903 and it has religion, an army and industry collection. For contemporary art, you should visit Kunsthuis Breda!

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