Cover picture © Credits to Andrew_Rybalko
Cover picture © Credits to Andrew_Rybalko

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Must Know facts about Albania Part 1

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Motherhood is like Albania- you can't trust the descriptions in the books, you have to go there!

Like every other country of the world, even Albania has its interesting and funny facts and by being an albanian I will share with you tons of facts. So, before coming in Albania make sure to read this story and it will be like you got all the information you needed.

1. The original name of Albania

Unlike other countries that may have the same name in different languages, the name "ALBANIA" it's just the international name of the country. Instead, what happens in the country it's different. Shqiperi is the name given to Albania by it's people and they are called Shqipetar. The official language is Shqip. Confusing, isn't it?

2. Yes is No

Albanians nod when they mean “no” and shake their head when they mean “yes”. Nothing is as it seems here so look beyond what you actually see !

3. One Nobel Prize winner.

And that's Mother Teresa (Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu). Mother Teresa, though born in the then-Ottoman Empire and now-capital of Macedonia, Skopje, was Albanian. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her work helping the poor in Calcutta, India.

4. Lord Byron was a fan.

Lord Byron visited Albania in 1809 as part of his grand tour of the Mediterranean. In a letter to his mother, he wrote that Albanians have the most “magnificent” dresses in the world and told of his horse-riding tour in the country.

5. Same words, different meanings

Well, some words in albanian are the same with those in english but have different meaning. For example the word if you ever feel bad about your weight, just remember that "Fat" in albanian means "Luck".


Picture © Credits to mastapiece

6. No MC Donalds

Don't expect to find that typical american food in Albania because McDonalds simply doesn't exist here. And albanians are not bothered by this.

7. Xhiro

One of Albania's biggest tradition is called Xhiro. In the evenings, people go out for a walk in the main road and this is a good chance for them to catch up with everyone, especially in small towns where almost everyone know each-other.

8. Bunkers

Albania is very "famous" for its infinite numbers of Bunkers that in the construction time left the economy of the country devastated. However, now they are being tranformed into useful spaces especially in Tirana but in some other cities they are still simply Bunkers.

9. Buses

There's no fixed timetables when talking about buses in Albania. When it's full then the bus departs. Simply TIMELESS !

10. Coffee please

Albanians love coffee like turkish love their tea. That's why there's too many coffee shops all over the country and it's not just about drinking the coffee and go, it's about ordering your coffee, sitting in the table and chilling and talking with a friend...existential talks mostly !


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Elda Ndoja

Elda Ndoja

I am Elda from Albania, moved by the desire to know more about the world. I share stories on my country and I hope you find them interesting as when I read about other countries.

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